Court Appointments

Cases Without Counsel

The number of capital defendants on California's death row without habeas counsel is at a crisis level.

  • Costs of Capital Punishment in California   Download PDF
  • Executing the Will of the Voters?   Download PDF
  • California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice Final Report   Download PDF

Private Counsel Appointments

The HCRC assists the California Supreme Court in seeking counsel to take appointments in these rewarding and interesting cases. The following websites and documents provide general information regarding capital state habeas appointments:

  • Brochure from the California Supreme Court (CSC) about appointments in capital cases  Download PDF
  • CSC Website - Death Penalty Cases
  • CSC Qualification Criteria for Appointment to Capital Cases
  • CSC Application for Appointment to Capital Appeal and/or Habeas Corpus/Executive Clemency Proceedings. Apply directly to the CSC by using the PDF Form Download PDF or by using the online application.
  • CSC Policies Regarding Cases Arising from Judgments of Death, Including Payment Guidelines   Download PDF
  • CSC News Release: Supreme Court Revises Procedures in Death Penalty Appeals   Download PDF
  • CSC Appendix of Appointed Counsel's Duties   Download PDF
  • CSC Memorandum Regarding Its Fee and Expense Application Process   Download PDF
  • Materials Regarding CSC Compensation for Post-Conviction Discovery:
    • Letter   Download PDF
    • Instructions   Download PDF
    • Form   Download PDF
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